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Tetra Jump is a casual but challenging infinite jumper. It is physics based, so you got to use the most of your reflexes and physics intuition to jump precisely without running out of charges.

The ball usually stores up to 3 charges which can be used to jump, even in the air. In order to keep going up, you have to recharge it by hitting the colored bricks. After a certain height, you start earning coins, which can be used to buy items, balls and themes in the store.


GREEN: the normal type of brick. These don't react to collisions.

RED: react to collisions and fall once you touch them.

PINK: elastic, can make you bounce really high, but be sure to hit them from above or face the consequences !

BLUE: swap a charge: if they're charged and you hit them, you steal a charge from them. If they're discharged, they steal a charge from you !

GOLD: gives you coins when you hit them

There is also spinning and fast falling bricks.


SAW: transforms the ball into a circular saw that rotates around bricks, fully recharging.

APPLE: transforms the ball into an apple which falls upwards.

ROCKET: transforms the ball into an awesome rocket.

POTATO: transforms into a flying potato which gives double coins and has infinite charges

more soon.

ITEMS: The items are single-use power-ups including a rocket and a slow motion. You can buy a lot of those but only one can be used per game.

BALLS: You can buy balls with different effects and qualities, such as bouncyness, friction, and there's also a SHURIKEN that can stick to bricks if you touch and hold.

THEMES: Those only change the look of the bricks.

More stuff is to be added in the store, keep your game up to date !

There are three difficulties available: EASY, OK and NOT OK and separate HI SCORES for each one of them. You earn coins a lot faster if you play a harder difficulty !

Soon on iOS

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